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Intelligent manufacturing

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Information system
Energy management system:

Huazhang technology energy management system make the managers of enterprise have a have accurate grasp to the energy cost, development trend through energy planning, energy monitoring and energy statistics, energy consumption analysis, the key equipment energy consumption management, energy metering device management and so on and distribute energy consumption task to each production department.

Energy efficiency is not that do not use energy or simply uses for less energy. The purpose of energy management system is to give users an understanding of the current situation of energy use. By planning and managing ways of energy use, we will collect and summarize various types of energy consumption data, breakdown processing and combine with such third party information as production and price to analyze tons of paper energy costs on time.

The intelligent factory:

The intelligent factory is a smart enterprise management platform which is built on the basis of two decades of experience in automation of Huazhang, combined with the production characteristics of papermaking industry. Pay attention to the core appeal of the new industrial age on energy conservation, efficiency and wisdom and conduct real-time digital monitoring and management of all aspects on production, operation and maintenance process. Based on the large data produced from enterprise information and automation, by using modern information technology, we will build a platform of large data on analysis technology to timely find production bottlenecks through network communication and management application. It can help the enterprises to obtain authoritative information of papermaking industry in time, and help the enterprises to understand the external environment and adjust the operation strategy in time. Through the application of smart factory, it can effectively tap the potential of enterprises efficiency improvement, reduce the costs, and achieve fine management of the production process. The overall strength of enterprises can be improved through the optimization of various links.