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Drive control system AC3750 AC4120


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    Huazhang AC series drive control system provides reliable guarantee for main drive of high-middle speed paper machine and drive of rewinder. This control system is applied to more than 650 paper machines and 300 rewinders in the world. Among systems put into operation, the speed of rewinder reaches 2500m/min at most (Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited), that of toilet paper machine reaches 2000m/min (Sun Paper PM27, PM28) and that of fourdrinier reaches 1100m/min (Jingxing Paper).

    The system adopts the common DC bus for power supply, which improves the service efficiency of electric energy and the overall control level of equipment, and realizes digital network control. Real-time, rapid and efficient open style digital network can realize seamless connection with the third-party system, and meanwhile the system can be extended easily. The inverter with high performance is used, and the inverter with precision as high as 1/100000 ensures the reliable and stable operation of the execution unit of the entire system. HD true color intelligent terminal is used as the operating platform, to achieve “zero” wiring of the operating platform. Multilingual and easily operated upper computer drives the monitoring platform, to realize such functions as system analysis, diagnosis and operating record and help users to troubleshoot problems. Standardized and modularized programming adopted shortens the design cycle greatly and saves the commissioning time.